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What Veterans Say...

Testimonial Letter From Client
Testimonial Letter From Client

I am a service connected Afghanistan veteran who has been under the care of Dr. Choi since July 2021. I was referred to Dr. Choi by the VA community care team after the in house acupuncturist at the VA told me he was not able to see me frequently enough for my conditions.

I came to him primarily for the treatment of asthma but also for chronic neck and back pain as well as post traumatic stress disorder symptom management.

Dr. Choi has been very professional, attentive and kind. Since he is also a veteran of a military force we were able to quickly establish a rapport that may take much longer or is not possible with many providers. His perspective on my conditions are new and unique but he has been able to tie my symptoms into my life experiences and trauma in a way that made a lot of sense.

For example, heightened startle response, digestive issues, TMJ and more. He explains how the traditional system of Chinese medicine sees these conditions. Not to say I have any idea how these treatments actually work.

In the short 4 months that I have seen him for weekly sessions I have seen what I would guess is approximately an 80% improvement in my asthma symptoms.


To give a history, I have had multiple emergency room visits for asthma, breathing machine treatments, I have had to go on oral steroids and even a COPD inhaler at one point, and my daily regimen for a long time included inhaled steroids multiple times a day.


To go from that to only using my rescue inhaler 3 times a week is well beyond the results I was anticipating. I still have an extreme sensitivity to certain chemicals and dusty days but my day to day breathing is much much better.

He has also helped with recurrent GERD and acid reflux issues I had by prescribing a very simple diet that I have actually been able to adhere to. I have cut back my acid blocking medicine probably by 50% at least, and mostly if I have to use it it's because I stopped following the diet.

My neck and back pain are notably decreased the day of our treatment and sometimes even lasts into the following day before it returns.

Dr. Choi does a good job holding hope for me and my recovery and healing from trauma and pain. It's hard for me to believe at times but he does seem to know about some light at the end of the tunnel.


I will continue to see him as long as the VA will continue to pay and I would recommend him to other veterans.

Thank you

Shaun M.

Doctor Daniel Choi,


Thank you for all the wonderful acupuncture treatments. You have given me great pain relief primarily to my neck area, but also to other chronically injured areas of my body. 


I am an average American who goes to a western medicine provider when I am in pain. However,  the severe and unrelenting pain I constantly suffered was no longer bearable in spite of all the office visits and medication I was taking! Since meeting you, I now live a mostly pain free life. Acupuncture works!


You are truly a blessing! : )




JW Mathis

Thank goodness for Dr. Choi! At my first visit, Dr. Choi took time to listen to all my concerns and asked appropriate health questions. At each visit, he asks about how I am doing. He always listens to me as I tell him about my progress and areas of concern, and he always answers my questions thoroughly. His office always smells freshly sanitized and clean. 


He is gentle with the application of acupuncture, the electric pulses and cupping, asking to see how I am doing as he is working. In addition to relief of my chronic foot and back pain, I leave his office with a sense of mental calmness and peace. I am always looking forward to my next visit!


Jennifer W.

I was in a vehicle accident while serving in U.S. Army. My unit at the time was the Multi National Forces and Observers, in Sinai, Egypt. The injury saddled me with an injury that greatly affected my daily quality of life. I have experienced pain worse than having my two children with no epidural because of this accident.


I have been a patient of Dr. Choi's for over 3 years. My injury is lifetime, but seeing Dr. Choi now on a bi-weekly basis gives me relief from pain so much I am able to give up my weekly appointments and live a life with minimal pain. Whenever, the pain flares up to the point of extreme Dr. Choi is there and will open his schedule to relieve if not alleviate the pain. Thank you is not enough for how you have changed my life. Not just getting rid of the pain, but also providing healthy lifestyle changes.


I have also recommended friends who go in barely walking and they come out with a new pep in their step. 




Stacey B.

I am a veteran and received a referral from the VA to Dr Choi’s office. I sought care to assist with my PTSD symptoms. Dr. Choi (being a veteran himself) listened and understood my issues and needs. Dr. Choi addressed them with compassion and precision. I am grateful to report I feel happier and recency of symptoms have decreased. Thank you Dr. Choi for being part of my life.



If I could tell the world I would. Dr. Choi is the best. First, he is extremely kind and considerate of his patients. I like my other fellow Veterans are just one population of Dr. Choi's patients. But he makes at least me, feel like we're very special to him.

Joshua H.

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