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Anti-Aging Protocols: Metabolic Syndrome Clinic, Aging Prevention Clinic, Precision Medicine Clinic



Fat Loss Protocol


To help obese patients to realize that obesity is a severe, physiological illness, to lose fat tissues in a certain period of time, and to make improvements on or prevent metabolic syndrome such as hypertension, high cholesterol, and Diabetes.

A Healthy Way:

Losing fat, Balancing the internal organs, Relieving stress, and Refreshing the mind-set to prevent regaining fat through natural Herbal Medicine & Painless Acupuncture


Hypertension-Diabetes Protocol


To help patients to maintain ideal range of blood pressure and glucose level.

A Healthy Way:

Resolving the root causes of symptoms through natural herbs and painless acupuncture.



Stress-Chronic Fatigue Protocol / PTSD


To help patients to regain vital energy, to relieve stress, and to balance autonomic nervous system.

A Healthy Way:

Relieving stress by strengthening weak organs and balancing body nervous system through natural herbs and painless acupuncture.

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