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Scientific Evidence-Based Mechanisms of Acupuncture 
  • Activating chain reactions in both local tissues and the CNS

  • Local skin reaction and cutaneous micro-current mechanism

  • Local interactions between the needle and the surrounding soft tissues

  • Local relaxation of muscle shortening and contracture

  • Neural mechanisms

  • Blood coagulation and lymphatic circulation

  • Local immune response

  • DNA synthesis to replace injured tissues and repair the acupuncture lesions

GB 37, Guangming Point
Brain Scan Image

The fMRI shows activated visual regions in the brain when an acupuncture point is stimulated on the lower leg. The point is called "Bright Light" which is supposed to brighten the eyes.

The above findings are only partial evidences that we might understand so far. If history is more dependable than science, acupuncture is something beyond science.

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