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Put Your Body In Good Hands

Put Your Body

In Good Hands


Anti Aging Clinic

Logo, Precision Acupuncture

The logo of Precision Acupuncture ® means that

it represents P in Precision

and Yin and Yang at the bottom

symbolizing the first step to find a root cause of symptoms

and sprouting a green leaf after going through sound, pleasant treatment protocols.

Why a three-leaf clover, then?

Most people look for a four-leaf clover to find a luck 

stomping on others.

Yet, you know what?


A four-leaf clover might give you a luck while many three-leaf clovers mean h.a.p.p.i.n.e.s.s. 


We want you to be happy and worthy

instead of being lucky.


My  —  

Holistic Practice

It is my privilege to introduce myself to you. 

My name is Daniel Choi, a metabolic syndrome & pain relief

specialist based on natural herbs and painless acupuncture in Long Beach, California. As you know, our body has Natural Healing Power. Thus, I focus on boosting the energy to treat any symptoms you may have minimizing side effects.


I take steps to track down the root cause of issues based upon a meridian & organ treatment, musculoskeletal dermatome treatment, or tension myositis treatment. Typically, the treatment includes acupuncture, cupping, Moxibustion, electric stimulation with needles, auricular(ear) acupuncture, scalp(head) acupuncture, and herb prescription depending on patients’ conditions and needs.

Most of all, I love to help you to be happy, so that you can help others happier. I would like to achieve the goal of my life by maximizing the value of your life as minimizing any issues you have through holistic but realistic medicine.

Daniel Choi,

Doctor of Acupuncture
Dipl. of OM (NCCAOM)
Functional Nutritionist

Discover the Joyful Life of a Pain-Free Body, Abundant Energy, and Vital Well-Being, TODAY!

Acupuncture Treatment, Woman Lying On Acupuncture Table

About Pain Relief

Although WHO lists a wide variety of disorders for which acupuncture therapy has been proved effective, pain relief has been practiced over 4,000 years and well known as an instant, efficient treatment without side effects.


To stimulate meridians or unblock stagnated blood and energy by inserting needles on targeted points. 


To detox and relieve muscle tension by attaching vacuum cups on certain points. (effective to relieve muscle pain and boost circulation of blood and energy)


To boost acupuncture stimulation by adding low voltage electricity on needles. (effective to solve nerve related issues)


To warm up and boost energy by placing dried mugwort on targeted points using heat (effective to expel cold pathogens and gynecological issues)

Emperor's Cupping Therapy®

Certified Emperor's Cupping Therapist (CECT)® is available for a medical cupping therapy to meet your body needs.

Herbal Medicine

To harmonize and  boost deficient body conditions and organs

Get In Touch

5500 E. Atherton St. #416

Long Beach, CA 90815

(near VA Hospital &

Cal State Univ.)

Tel: 833-321-1010

Fax: 562-524-1010

Mon.~Sat. 9am~8pm

Major PPO, Veterans,

ILWU(BS) accepted.

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